For me, yoga is not just a workout, it’s about working on yourself.

We run weekend workshops throughout the year. With workshops and courses in a wide range of yoga styles and approaches, The Henley Yoga Studio hosts both local and international teachers.

Workshops are the perfect environment to explore possibilities within your practice
continuing your journey of self discovery .

Where the Breath can take us” on Saturday 31st July 2-4.30pm

Hi all, hope you’re well and enjoying the great weather?

After the success of our recent day retreat I wanted to invite you to my Qi gong and Yin Yoga workshop “Where the Breath can take us” on Saturday 31st July 2-4.30pm

Although restrictions were lifted Monday 19th I won’t be packing the studio out so everyone will have some space. Unfortunately The lovely Jo Hanks won’t be joining me this time as she will be away on training.

So if you want to explore deeper into the world of Qi Gong, Yin and of course yourself join me for this lovely avo of slowing down, exploring the possibilities of movement, the breath and my home made tea and cake!

Also, why not join me for Qi Gong and Tai chi Saturday 21st August 2-4.30pm, also with incredible tea and cake.

A chance to deepen your practice or to be introduced to Chen style Tai chi BEGINNERS WELCOME

Investment £35.00 for one or why not book onto both for £60.00

You can book in with me via this email or text me on 07770 945416. Once booked on I will send you payment details which will secure your place.

Therapeutic Yoga Course with Dom
21st June – 2nd August, 10-11:15am

Therapeutic Yoga – A Trauma Informed Approach to Yoga

This course and these classes are practices of Self & Co Regulation within a Therapeutic Yoga class setting, informed by Trauma Healing modalities.

When we have suffered a traumatic event/s in our lives (divorce, the loss of a loved one, financial hardship, natural disasters, isolation, a traffic accident) or been subject to on going stressors (unhealthy relationships, isolation, lockdown, a stressful job) we can become stuck in our Sympathetic Nervous System (the Fight/Flight response) and feel detached from our physical body.

The aim of this course is to help you gently befriend your body once again through practices of Introception (your felt sense) and Yoga so that the ‘*gentle animal of your body can once again love what it loves’ and find resolution for stuck or trapped energies in the nervous system.

In this way we can return to a natural state of being with good energy (Prana) running through our body with ease and joy, increasing our physical and mental well being.

All classes will include a combination of physical movement, breathing exercises and mindfulness practices tailored to the topic. They will be grounded in Trauma Informed Yoga and Embodiment Practices to give you a combination of embodied experience, knowledge and theory.

Please note that these classes are not Therapy and your Yoga teacher is not a Therapist.

Your Yoga teacher is trained in Trauma Informed Yoga and is qualified to guide you in the practices that are on offer.

You can sign up to all the classes as a course or simply drop in to sessions that you feel are most relevant.

We would invite you to attend as many as you can to get the maximum benefit from the classes.

Course Price £75
Drop in’s £15

Book with Dom: 07740 344900 / email

Class Plan

Grounding & Stability
In this class we will explore techniques for grounding and finding stability to feel strong and safe within our bodies.
These practices will help you to regulate your nervous system and move towards the ground of your being as a place from which to be in the world. A useful practice for when you are feeling stressed, overburdened, anxious or overwhelmed.

Finding your Centre
Attuning to our centre or Vibratory Core can allow for a greater sense of clarity, ease, and expansion to help us navigate our daily lives. In Yogic traditions the Vibratory Core is know as the Shushumna Nadi, the central Pranic channel that runs up the line of the spine.
As we learn to access and reference our Vibratory Core it can help to lessen confusion and anxiety and giving us a sense of home within our bodies.

Diving into Breath – working with the Vagus Nerve
In this class we will work with the breath and movement modalities to connect to and strengthen our relationship to our Vagus Nerve. The vagus nerve is the main communicator between mind and body. Strengthening or ‘toning’ our Vagus Nerve promotes being able to have strong social connections, positive emotions, and better physical health.

Yoga for Anxiety
A slow and deeply nourishing class to connect to our bodies in a kind and compassionate way. We will use Breath and Self Touch techniques before moving into a gentle Yin style Yoga practice to sooth and ease an anxious nervous system.

Opening your Heart
In this class we work with postures that open the heart centre (Anahata Chakra).
Our Heart and Lung area can often hold the emotion of grief and working with this area can be both sensitive and cathartic. We will honour the emotions that are present whilst also focusing on ‘positive’ sensations in the body (grounding, strength, openness, joy) to build resilience and and attune to that which is reparative within our experience. Being able to hold the polarities of our experience can give us a valuable resource whilst navigating our path of healing.

Yoga for Deep Rest
This class is an invitation to take deep rest through restorative breath, movement and meditative practices to restore and nourish your nervous system. If our nervous systems become stuck ‘on’ through chronic stress or traumatic experiences we can often find it hard to regulate and take the rest that we need. We welcome you to take this time and nourish yourself to re-attune to positive and life affirming sensations in your body.


Dom started his journey with Yoga in his early twenties. It wasn’t long after first stepping on a mat that he took a 6 month trip to India to immerse himself in the culture and go deeper into the practices of Yoga.

Over the last 13 years Dom has practiced Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Anusara, Bhakti and Yin Yoga as well as spending many years studying in schools of Mayan Medicine, Tibetan Buddhism, Kabbalah, Amazonian Shamanism & Plant Medicine, Reiki and most recently Trauma Informed Embodiment Practices.

Dom’s formal Yoga trainings include Sivananda Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Trauma Informed Yoga which make up the basis of his classes.

He is currently studying further embodiment and trauma recovery practices with Dr Gabor Maté , Dr Peter Levine, Judith Blackstone and Atira Tan which all influence his offerings.

In Dom’s classes you can expect to experience an embodied approach to Yoga, allowing you to slow down and honour what is present, becoming conscious of held patterns and tensions.

Each class may include Pranayama, Mudra, Mantra and Meditation, all offered from a ground of deep compassion and understanding of our shared human experience.

When Dom is not on his yoga mat you will find him delving into ceremony, out in nature, making music or in the kitchen.