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Yoga therapy is a combination of massage, gentle yoga stretches and nutrition. Focusing on the whole body, working on energy lines, treating underlying causes, using the body’s own natural healing powers, bringing the body-mind back into balance, restoring energy flow

If your suffer from

• Back pain

• Weight problems

• Neck and shoulder pain

• Poor posture


• Migraine

• Depression

• Poor sleep patterns

• Indigestion problems

• Injury

• Stress

• Arthritis

• Low energy 

Yoga therapy treats the cause of the disease opposed to the symptoms. Yoga therapy is an approach to health which aims to help all body systems work together, bringing awareness to our inner resources ( the healer within) a strong relationship exists between mind and body, an untapped natural resource. Yoga means (join or integrate) Mind and body.

Yoga breathing exercises combat stress, anxiety, depression and illness. Yoga therapy’s primary goal is to prevent illness. To regain and maintain optimum physiological and psychological levels of health, not just muscles and joints, our internal organs and nervous system. Yoga practise prevents tension to build up; through regular practise you learn to acquire a sense of your own integrated whole self.



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